Thank you!

In May of 2016, I retired from the active practice of psychotherapy. Over the last 25 years, I have experienced an uncounted number of truly wonderful and inspiring “working relationships.”

My message to those who have trusted me in this role is simple, but deeply felt:

 You have shared your personal stories with me, laughed and wept with me, practiced new skills, courageously faced tragic and painful events, and found multiple ways to be resilient. Your willingness to share your vulnerabilities and triumphs with me has enriched my life—providing me with both meaning and a deep appreciation of the irrepressible goodness of the human spirit. I feel indebted. From the bottom of my grateful heart, I thank you for trusting me with your hopes for a more fulfilling life.

If we have worked together previously and you wish to resume psychotherapy, I am happy to talk with you about your options. Also, I will continue my writing, consulting, and speaking activities for the foreseeable future. My phone and email information remain unchanged.


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Rest © Bill Arck, 2012


Hope © Bill Arck, 2013

Many of the photos on my website were taken by Kansas photographer Bill Arck, longtime colleague and friend. Bill’s career as a drug and alcohol educator has given him an eye for scenes that convey some of the emotions common to the human change experience–pathways, still waters, and a breakthrough sun.

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